Saturday, July 20th, 2024

About Meropes Dream

Merope’s Dream!  HOLISTIC Health Remedies & Solutions

Your personal Holistic Health SPA.  Now located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Specializing in Bioresonance, Ozone Oxygen Therapies, Frequency Devices, Electro-Crystal ebalancing, Human Energy Field Photography, and Dowsing for ‘hard-to-detect’ energies.

I am especially proud to introduce Emotional Re-Patterning through Voice Resonance (Vo-Cal).

Owned and operated by Merope, Bio-Resonance Technician

In the healing business since 1988, I have continuously upgraded my knowledge and skills, in all matters of unconventional and unique therapies, to be at the forefront of the most effective healing technologies in Holistic Health.  I am a Bioresonance Technician, Registered Massage Therapist, Master Dowser and Instructor, Flower Essence Practitioner, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Cranial Sacral Therapist, a Technician in Ozone Oxygen Therapy, and I have special training to administer Dr. Hauschka Bio-Dynamic Facials.  I am also a Hydrotherapy SPA Technician in Moor Mud and Aromatherapy Treatments.  I have extensively studied Electro-Crystal Rebalancing and Human Energy Field Photography, and I have the equipment and training to effectively assist you in maintaining and dramatically improving your overall health.

My goal is to help keep YOU and YOUR LOVED ONES in optimum health and full of vital energy!  My treatments are all geared towards detoxifying your body, decreasing pain, and encouraging wellness, personal health, and balance on all levels of human existence.

Many of the methods I utilize are considered, in the U.S. and Canada, to be an experimental and investigational therapy; although in Germany and many other European countries many of these methods are taught in their medical schools, and certainly Bioresonance is used and appreciated by many in the medical community, as well as by their very satisfied and healthier clients!

All of the treatments I use are safe, effective and over time can help treat and prevent a myriad of chronic degenerative disease.  When you come in you will be requested to sign an agreement acknowledging that you are willingly and knowingly taking part in treatments that may require one or more of the following methods:

Bioresonance, which is treatment through oscillation frequencies; ozone and oxygen therapy; far infrared ray treatment; electro-magnetic treatments which may employ the use of frequencies in combination with gemstones and crystals; therapeutic massage; cranial-sacral treatment; sound frequencies or color frequencies; laying on the body of crystals or gemstones or light-life rings and coils; flower essence and/or homeopathic remedies; aromatherapy or other remedies as required. And I am now able to offer you  the amazing and extremely effective Emotional Re-Patterning through Voice Resonance.   I will use skills, as a dowser to determine which of these treatments is the most beneficial to you.

In other words I will ask that you acknowledge and agree to the use of conventional and unconventional and holistic methods as required for you, in order to assist you in achieving your optimum health level.  This is a crucial step for you because you will take responsibility and an active part in your health improvement.

I do not diagnose, treat or prescribe for any human disease, pain, injury or disability or physical condition.   I do however work towards correcting any disharmony found in the area of your ‘energy body’ which may need help in achieving correction.  This most times will then have a calming effect on the ‘physical energy’ body, which in turn assists your body to self-heal.

My goal is to help keep YOU and YOUR loved ones in optimum health and full of vital energy!  My treatments are all geared towards detoxifying your body, decreasing pain, and encouraging wellness and personal health and balance on all levels of human existence.

For individual descriptions of the various methods, please ‘click’ on the appropriate button. If you then have more questions or wish to set an appointment, please email me at [email protected].