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Emotional Re-Patterning

Emotional Re-Patterning Through Vioce Resonance

Emotional Re-Patterning Through Vioce Resonance

Positive emotional healing absolutely can happen through understanding the frequencies of your own voice and what those frequencies reveal.

Our voice is our outer verbal map of our inner emotions. Our voice carries the frequencies of our body. Especially when we are speaking about a specific subject. We may not realize that when we speak we are projecting our emotions and inner feelings into our every conversation. Through technology and computers and the use of digital imagery, these emotions have now become visible to us. This means that we are now able to measure, record and sort out our emotions and feelings through interpretation of our personal voice vibration or frequency.

Think of how many times you have spoken to someone on the telephone and you somehow sense that they are in an emotional state, before they have even told you so. Some people are even able to identify the emotion as being excited, scared, happy, sad or ill. Our voice truly contains sound or frequency information about the state of our mind, emotions and even the health of our physical body.

Some of us are aware of our emotional issues, but they are usually experienced on a subconscious or unconscious level, and usually affect our lives to a great degree and usually in a negative manner.

The Voice Re-Patterning technology allows you to ‘see’ your trapped emotional experience around specific issues by voice pattern imaging and helps you to understand why you have energetically attracted to you certain people, situations, actions and reactions. By eliminating the chemical memory, you diffuse the energetic charge behind old emotional wounds and disharmony.

The Voice Re-Patterning technology, enables the brain to gently and effectively release the chemical produced by the hypothalamus, flushing out the bio-chemical memory from the cellular structure, allowing a new experience of inner peace, ease in life and joy to replace former negative and caustic emotions.

For those persons who require a more scientific explanation, please read the following section.

The brain is made up of nerve cells, called neurons. A neuron consists of a large cell body and a single, elongated extension called an axon, for sending messages. Neurons have many tiny branches, called dendrites, that reach out and connect to other neurons, forming a neuro-net. A synapse is where these branches connect to other neurons. It is here between the synapse and the cell that the “chemical memory or thought” is stored when it is not dispersed or fired.

Our brain is designed to release certain chemicals when certain emotions are experienced. Each chemical carries an imprint of the thought process and the memory of a specific experience. Our emotions are designed to chemically reinforce an experience or information in our long-term memory. This bio-chemical memory is then repeatedly discharged by a synapse, which allows the emotion to come and go.

Sometimes, the synapse does not “fire” and the bio-chemical becomes locked between the synapse and the cell. This “chemical memory”, imprinted with the thought process, replays over and over again. It can be stored in the cells and passed down from generation to generation through the DNA structure and the chemical connection in our DNA. Thus, one can inherit thought processes and patterns, such as anger, abandonment, distrust, lack of self worth, emotional disconnection, survival issues, lack of abundance as self punishment, inability to accept or give love.

The hypothalamus produces a chemical to match every emotion that we experience. The brain does not differentiate between what it sees in the present moment and what it remembers from the past. The stored chemical memory, whether inherited through DNA, acquired through life experiences, or in present experience, use the same neuro-nets and synapses when firing. Thus a present experience can be influenced by a past or inherited emotional response.

The Clearing Process:

The process consists of you doing voice pattern recording into my computer, the computer program then does a mapping of your voice frequency patterns. These patterns are displayed and identified according to the sequence of very low frequencies, which is your personal and unique voice pattern resonance. We, I say ‘we’ because you are very much a part of the process with full explanation being given every step of the way, then cooperatively choose which frequencies need to be added to or depleted of energy.

I then program these ‘new’ frequencies into a device, which is connected to special transducers, which are in turn attached to a custom built wooden chair, which then allows the correcting frequencies to resonate throughout your body and your cells.

We all have an inherited lineage. The immediate lineage consists of mother, father, maternal and paternal grandparents, spouses and ex-lovers, and yourself. This may also include anyone or event that still surfaces as an emotionally charged issue. The most effective step to take when clearing yourself is to clear the chemically and emotionally charged memories around these lineages.

Once you clear your lineage, you can process specific issues, such as health, procrastination, self-sabotage, etc. Often you will find that these issues dissipate as you clear your lineage.

The first session runs about 2 to 3 hours. It takes longer than the subsequent sessions because you voice map every person and issue you are working on. It can then take several follow-up sessions to clear your lineage. The following and progressive sessions use the original voice map and last from 1½ to 2 hours. You will usually process one person or issue per session. Occasionally on particularly deep and difficult patterns you may need to do more than one session on a person or situation to effectively clear the energy surrounding the issue. Our body needs some processing time before it can completely clear too many ongoing and negative issues, so you can probably expect that you will attend a minimum of three to four sessions over a period of several weeks or months.

What can you expect after a session? How will you react?

Most people are realizing that they are reacting to situations very differently than the way they have in the past. Emotional challenges are easier to deal with and issues don’t seem as daunting. Old emotional baggage that has interfered in our lives seems to have lost its importance. Now instead of being “run’ by old patterns, you can now live “free and clear” in this moment – making solution oriented choices for yourself. Quality of life improves. Now you can truly experience being in present time and living in the moment, unburdened and feeling creative possibility, love peace and happiness. Old thoughts or recurring thoughts, which were previously oppressive and upsetting have now seemed to dissipate and are now no longer so energetically charged. Life is GOOD!

My Personal Testimonial:

My own experience has been truly amazing. Since the first session on the Voice Resonance I have taken great strides in furthering my career and my life. Major transformation has occurred even to the point of closing a unhappy business and moving from a unhappy location to an entirely new area. My knees no longer hurt! I’ve allowed myself to experience happiness with another human being, a closeness, intimacy and love for the first time in a long time. I have begun to lose weight! I have even found the courage to take on a new dimensional energy and a new name. Life is GOOD!

Since 1988, I have been studying, learning and understanding, through dowsing, the energetics of DNA clearing work. As a result, I have seen some awesome changes in myself and others through the years. But never as quickly and as effortlessly as that provided by Voice Resonance Re-Patterning. I have most definitely undergone a major emotional transformation, and thus far, I have personally experienced long term benefit without re-occurrence of many previously overpowering emotions. My life now feels purposeful and creative and prosperous.

I am pleased and proud to be able to offer this technology to my clients and to aid them in recognizing and releasing old undesirable emotional patterns. I am grateful to be able to share this technology with others and watch them transform and live the life of their desires and dreams.

Re-Patterning Emotions through Voice Resonance has truly been a life-changing experience for me and I am very pleased to now be qualified and trained and to have the proper equipment to pass on the benefits of this technology to my clients.

Call me to set your appointment! And be ready to use the power in your own voice to heal deep genetic programming!