Sunday, June 23rd, 2024


Relaxing Massage

Relaxing Massage

I do combination of several types of massage. After thousands of massages (I started in 1988) and yearly upgrading and seminars on the latest techniques, I consider myself an accomplished expert in the art of massage and therapeutic touch. My combination of therapeutic, relaxation, custom blended aromatherapy oils, intuition and energy work is extremely effective. I am not bragging when I say that, I’m merely stating what I have been told hundreds of times by hundreds of clients, and I feel confident in repeating what they have said to me. Most people tell me “That was the BEST massage I have ever had”.

I probably don’t need to describe the benefits of massage, as most people are now aware (at least vaguely) of those. Here briefly to refresh your memory, are a few of the many benefits: Treatments for relief of sciatica, edema or swelling of the legs or ankles, headaches, including migraines, tension and stress, poor circulation, arthritic conditions and especially neck, shoulder and back pain.

Throughout your one and a half to two hour treatment, I will usually use Light-Life™ Energetic Technology, digitally mastered and specifically tuned frequencies, voice toning, aura light therapy, crystal therapy and High-Self prayer work, as well as crystals, magnets or pulsed magnetic therapy. I will always include custom blended aromatherapy oils, mustard oil and moor balsam. I often add in hot stones or use gem therapy to move stubborn pain areas. All products are bio-dynamic, organic and holistic. Everything I do throughout the massage is done for a healing purpose and especially to promote deep and profound relaxation.

My competence, my knowledge and my genuine caring for your well-being and health guarantees you will receive the best treatment and massage you have ever had! Yes my price is very high – that is because I am somewhat retired from massage. I do feel that much better and long lasting results can be obtained with Bio-Resonance or Emotional Re-Patterning through Voice Resonance. I do honour that many people will still wish to experience the BEST massage they have ever had combined with a energetic healing hands-on treatment, so therefore I still have that available to them. And so it is offered as an adjunct treatment.

My recommendation: Buy YOUR loved One a Gift Certificate! It is an experience they will long appreciate