Friday, April 19th, 2024

Light-Life™ Technology Tools

ALLRINGSYes I do carry a few of these magical tools. I am a long-time distributor since 1996 and personally trained by Slim Spurling himself,. I have many stories, tips, ideas for effective usage of the light-life technology which was relayed to me by Slim in our many conversations. It was such a privilege to be one of his many students. With each order I will provide you with some personal writings from some of Slim’s early workshops. I also have many more pictures of the energy generated by the Light-Life tools and Slim working with the tools. Very interesting ideas and techniques!

I suggest that you telephone me with your questions. I use these tools in every massage and almost all other treatments. They have demonstrated amazing results! If you click on the Light-Life area of this website – you will see pictures of Slim working with his tools. Look for the light and color and beams of energy emanating from the tools. This is what they do! I have many, many stories and results to tell you about. Far too much information to place here. Please call me for further discussion, detailed instructions and many examples of how to best utilize these functional and effective tools. I have used Slim’s Light-Life™ Technology Tools for years. They work! So much has occurred over the years to prove the value of these rings and coils. I cannot begin to put it down here. So enjoy the few pictures instead. Better yet, come in and experience the tools and what they can do for you.

Slim and his Light-Life™ tools at work.

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