Friday, April 19th, 2024

Zero Point Energy Wand Amega

I have come across something that I believe will be a wonderful healing tool for anyone with pain, plus this works great for animals as well.
This Zero Point Energy Wand assists the body to remove “pain” and begin the healing process within minutes.
I feel compelled to share a NEW Zero Point Energy technology with you that has just emerged into North America, which absolutely amazed me when I consider the possibilities! I am always on the lookout, for advanced quantum energy technologies that have health applications. This is the most powerful mechanism I have ever seen to create a “self care revolution”!
This product has been available in the Asian market, Singapore, India, Malaysia and the Philippines for the past 5 years and they have 500,000+ distributors. Now Amega Global is bringing their specialized products to Canada and the USA as of January 11, 2010.  This product works so quickly, please listen to the conference call that has been recorded at the bottom and hear how it works.  The Wand is not expensive. It will assist their body in removing pain and allow it to heal using Zero Point Energy. Listen to the 15 minute audio and let me know what you think….to register as a Distributor is only $49.00 so get your position in the binary now.
We all know people struggling with chronic pain, old injuries, fibromyalgia, arthritis, sleep disorders and a dictionary of other maladies. And . . . like me – if you could make an affordable difference in seconds – you would!
Please invest 15 minutes, and listen to this audio clip all the way through and get back to me if it touches you as it did me. Your understanding of this could radically change the life of someone you know for the better!
I also want to relate a recent and amazing testimonial for this quantum physics phenomenon AKA the Zero Point Energy Wand that will give you an idea of the power of this device.
A business friend has been on an experimental drug program through the University hospital in Calgary for extremely advanced Rheumatoid Arthritis for over a year. This program has been costing his health insurance plan $3000 a month for the drugs and so far no protocol has worked to slow down the degeneration or manage his pain – which has been beyond intolerable.
As the wands just became available a few weeks ago and he had to wait 2 weeks to get his, he managed to endure a flight to Vancouver so that he could be treated by his son who had a wand from the USA. After one ZP Wand treatment he feels remarkably better and is moving pain free! This is INCREDIBLE.
Please feel free to pass this along and encourage everyone you know to listen to this audio as this is a certified WOW!

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