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WaveZone Bioresonance Watches

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This is exciting! I have just been accepted as the first Alberta representative/retailer/provider of a new and brilliant method of delivering Bioresonance frequencies. Technology is moving very quickly in this field and we in Canada, Alberta and B.C. are fortunate to be at the very beginning of this new Wave. It is my pleasure to inform you of some of the programs available with this new product. If you wish to know more about the company producing and manufacturing the Wave Zone, please call me I will gladly share information with you.

Because I have been working with Bioresonance since 2003, I immediately recognized the major benefits this could have for my clients. I have personally tested the Wave Zone and I received very positive results almost immediately!

A few decades ago, scientific researchers, using very sensitive super-conducting detectors, discovered the existence of the body’s electromagnetic fields. They also discovered the difference between the energy fields of normal and abnormal body parts. Bio-physicists have now determined that the electro-magnetic profile of the human body and its chemistry are intimately related, and that all biochemical events require electro-magnetic interactions, which under normal circumstances promote physiologic balance.

Bio-Resonance has been used safely and effectively for over 30 years. It is, in effect, digitized electro-magnetic healing and cellular rejuvenation; it uses the energy or frequency of a substance without its chemical or physical components. For this reason, many practitioners and experts, in varied fields such as health, sports, business, beauty and education, have integrated this highly effective life enhancing application.

Bio-Resonance is simply the most modern and up to date way of delivering therapies by electronically transmitting the vibration, without ingestion. The human body is in a constant state of adjustment as it responds to the never-ending onslaught of mental, physical and chemical stresses it is exposed to every day. When the body is in balance, the unseen systems work properly, removing toxins and repairing muscle strains and so on.

The first step the body takes in order to repair itself starts deep within the atoms and molecules that make up the billions of cells. Disorder at the cellular level would be seen under a microscope as a misalignment or disharmony of cells.

When organs and tissues are under stress they stop acting harmoniously with one another to keep the body functioning healthily. In other words, they stop communicating properly with one another.

The body must overcome this lack of communication by sending signals to the affected area in order to restore harmony. Once cellular harmony is restored, the body can begin to repair itself.

A Bio-Resonance treatment provides a simple boost to the immune system and the bodies’ organs, by sending more of the actual signal that the body produces, and targets it to the precise place where it is needed.

In simple terms, the human body is a finely balanced combination of biochemistry and energy, or electromagnetism. From birth, the body works as a unified organism to keep our organs functioning, so that we eat, breathe, digest and excrete, mend sore limbs and cuts, all without thinking about it, by means of this hidden bio-chemical electro-magnetic dance!

The WAVE ZONE device provides the most advanced personalized bio-resonant technology. It acts as a highly sophisticated conduit for our scientifically composed frequency packages. These transmissions induce exact electro-magnetic pulses of harmonic infusions.

The device is a comfortable user-friendly wrist device (similar to a wrist watch), which compliments a wide range of practitioner modalities and personal life styles.
Call me for a trial wearing and personally test it yourself.

Read about all the programs here. This will give you a good idea of the extensive frequencies you can receive from the device. When you purchase I will set up your first few programs and instruct you on how to use to your maximum advantage.

Cost: $1000.00 for the entire package. The best deal going!!!

Call me for further questions or information.

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