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PERU 12.12.2012 12.21.2012

It all started as a Dream.  True to her word “Merope” from the Pleiades was coming through again and this time she was telling me that I was going to Peru!  What?  How could I go to Peru, I was living on a dime and in a very precarious financial situation.  I should tell you that I have never had any spare money and for some 30 years have always managed to manifest what I needed, but thinking that I would manifest the resources that would be required for my “pending” trip to Peru up to that point had not even entered my consciousness.   That was on Monday, June 4, 2012.  It was Full Moon, maybe that is why the following events occurred.

Previously, seven days prior and in casual conversation with two of my major clients Mr. & Mrs. L., I had briefly mentioned that going to Peru on a Spiritual Journey had always been one of my recent Dreams.  Nothing more than that, just a comment as they were receiving treatment.  On week later on June 4, Mr. L. informed that they were giving me my airfare to Peru!!  I nearly fell over.   I had completely forgotten my intention and here they were following through for me.  I accepted with much Gratitude!

Now having spoken of a Spiritual Journey, I needed to figure out what exactly that was.  Ringggg my telephone goes, as I was sitting in shock that the airfare had just been given to me.  It was my acquaintance, “A” calling on another matter.  And because the airfare ‘gifting’ had just taken place, she was the first person whom I told of the gifting.  Her response “Did you know that I am from Peru”  What, no I didn’t know that and then “A” offered to send me information on a Spiritual Journey that was coming up in December of 2012.  It was a description of way more than I could possibly have asked for.

Here is a brief excerpt from the offering:




At Lake Titicaca, Chucuito, Peru




DECEMBER 8th to 14th, 2011




~Machu Picchu, Cusco, Sacred Valley~


DECEMBER  14th to 22nd, 2011


I called that day and made the reservation.  My airfare was reserved and full commitment on my part was done.  I was going!  All this within the space of a few hours.  What a beginning to an awesome experience.

Getting ready began immediately.  Working a bit more to get money together for expenses, getting myself into the physical shape I was sure I would need in order to be able to do the walking, hiking and climbing, actually finding a roommate who was just as keen as I to go to Peru.  I was very fortunate here as Ms. “L” and I were totally on the same track and she turned out to be an excellent travel companion.  Planning on the packing and items to bring was big on the agenda.  Many times it all seemed like a vague dream.  I decided or rather I was “told” to make the following offering to all who were interested:



Before I knew it, ………………

I was on my way to Peru:  Once there:  So many experiences: wonderful, awful, gut-wrenching, magical, surprizing, shocking, ethereal, other-worldly, surreal, kind, rude, loud, stinky, beautiful, noisy, I don’t believe what I’m seeing, laughter, serenity, peacefulness, educational, amazing scenery, spiritual, magical.  I could go on and on, every day was an adventure and an experience to be savoured and enjoyed.  We travelled somewhere different every day and we in amongst the people of Peru.  The Quechua and Aymara and even the Oros. We went into their villages and into their sacred and spiritual places. The people of Peru are wonderful and very welcoming.  Our guides were excellent and always ready to answer every stupid or brilliant question.  I kept a bit of a diary, here are a few excerpts.


Dec 7, 8:   We are at Lake Titicaca.  Beautiful and it’s true.  Breathing is difficult.  Getting winded just getting up from the bed.  Spent a good part of the day watching a Peruvian wedding.  Very different than ours.  I like their version better!

Dec 10:  Cucito/Copamaya  Big walk and high climb.  I fell backwards, almost off a cliff!  So many people helped me!  I got too second level of three Snake – Puma – Condor.  “Isidro” the Aymara Healer, who is travelling with us, was so kind and many times literally lifted me up onto the next high step.  He began to teach me how to chant “Pacha Mama help me, protect me.  He explained, no insisted, that I needed to be in constant communication with Pacha Mama to get me through the time in Peru. In the late afternoon he came to the room and performed ceremony and a healing using spit and coca leaves.  I was so privileged to be the object of that healing.  It was enough to get me back up and moving again and in the evening I was able to participate in the Fire Ceremony.  Thank you Isidro!  Thank You Pacha Mama!



Dec 11 – Aramu Muru.  Emotional day!  So many clearings especially in the main doorway.  I felt the stone vibrating and heating up.  Both scary and exhilarated.  Check out the pictures below:






12.12.12  The Portal to a New Time:  Sun ceremony on Taquile Island in Lake Titicaca.  Travel by Bus, Boat, Reed Boat.

So much occurred on this day.  Reactivation of the Solar Disk, I “saw” symbols, numbers, colors.  Just allowed myself to lie on the sand and receive.




Dec 14:  Today is a big travel day from Chuchito to Cusco.  At the highest point in the mountains, I magically received a Rainbow shower and strong Violet Light while standing on the edge of the gorge. I came to understand and believe that I was sacrificed here a long time ago.  Asked for a clearing and got it.  A lot of violet light.  I truly felt healed and very powerful.  I am in my full power today!  Then on to Raya Wirachoco Temple where we did several (3) ceremonies.  Washed ourselves in Sacred Water, walked through a dimensional doorway, then did a Chakra clearing ceremony and walked the Male/Female side of Temple to balance and clear energies.  Very strong energies, high frequencies, many colors and clearings received.  At end of the day “Abel” made a special effort to tell me that I was very strong LightWorker and that I had much work to do, get on with it!


Dec 16:  URCO/PISAC – WHAT A MAGNIFICENT DAY!  I climbed a very treacherous and HIGH trail with a lot of help from Isidro and Pachamama.  We hiked for 3 hours UP all the way.  I felt so powerful and exhilarated!  It was very difficult But I did it!  This was a very powerful and meaningful day for me.  I CAN DO ANYTHING I DECIDE TO DO!


Dec 18:  Machu Picchu  We left Aqua Calientes at 6:00 am, took a bus up to Machu Picchu (Yikes scary hairpin turns not designed for tourist buses)  I hired my own private guide for $70.00 and had a wonderful time.  He hauled me up and down that whole complex.  He was so knowledgeable and once he realized I was into his spirituality he also did the Pacha Mama chants with me.  You and me Pachamama, Protect Me, Pachamama!  With Hernandos help, I managed to do everything and even almost made it to the Sungate.  It was rainy and I was soaked to the bone.  Honestly I did not get a spiritual hit, but it was a huge thrill to be there and to see there.  I was exhausted and very sore so afterwards went for a soak in the Hot Springs.




Dec 19:  The highlight of my trip!  My healing session with Herbert Jordan Lira, who is the owner of his store Arte Sipan Casa de la Luna.  What a delight to have discovered this place.  His store is full of the things I love.  Many of them are not for sale because they are of his private collection or items he uses in ceremony.   He is medicine man, a shaman, a healer, an artist, a stone sculptor, a musician, and a silver jeweler. He does shaman rituals in sacred places all over South and North America.  He is a true “Bridge” between two worlds.

I asked if he could do a healing on my very stiff, sore and arthritic knees.  By this time in the trip I was just barely able to get around and was in constant extreme pain.

When I arrived, he was ready for me and already had an air of peace and love around him.  He said I must trust him and that he was going to do a shamanic ceremony on me.  He had me lay on the floor on a very special ceremony blanket.  I felt myself relaxing and ready to allow the magic to happen.   There was a circle of various instruments around me, drums, gongs, whistles, bells, crystal bowls as well as feathers and crystals.  There were also buckets which he said was for vomit.  I thought vomit whose mine or his?  He began by singing, and then I felt something chewing my legs.  It sounded and felt like an animal.  I think I even smelt an animal chewing and spitting out (vomiting) whatever it was chewing from my knees and legs.  Magic was happening because with each snarl I felt a weigh being lifted from me.  He/animal ate from each of my chakras.  Each chakra had a different effect on the animal/him/me but always vomiting afterwards.  He would sing every once in a while and I felt this vibration and energy more of a high level spirit being than as a voice.  I suddenly heard a loud bird and saw in my mind’s eye a large bird with a huge wingspan fly at me and begin to clean my bones and body by pecking at me.  I really was in to another dimension during this experience. I was one with the sounds, the smells, with each other. There was no distinction.  All the while I was in complete trust and knowing that whatever was happing was healing me.

It was at least an hour of recovery time and coming back time before I could even think of leaving this wonderful place and getting back to life.  The paragraph above just doesn’t explain well enough the experience of this healing.  Words can’t describe the sensations, and feelings.  Over the next few days the pain gradually receded I haven’t had pain in my knees for 6 months now.  At least not as intense as I used to have.  When I do feel myself sinking into that trap again, I just go into meditation and re-experience the healing and once again I feel healed and have no pain.   This man is definitely connected and knows what he is doing when it comes to the practice of Shamanism.  I would return to Peru just to have another treatment from Herbert Jordan Lira!

If you go to Peru – include this man in your itinerary!

OK – I’m done with this part of the story of Peru.  If you have managed to read this far and stay interested, then you might be interested to know that I am now putting much of the information and healing energy I received into my treatments.  Come in and experience some of the work.

I’ve left out so much of this trip, tons of pictures that are truly beautiful and many stories, as well as much of the detail about the ceremonies.  A lot went on and I am so Grateful, so Blessed, so Privileged, so Thankful and so IN LOVE with the fact that I was led to and allowed to participate in this very important journey.  I believe WE/I made a huge difference in helping Pachamama to heal us Human Beings and to Heal the Earth !