Friday, April 19th, 2024

Prices – No Change since 2008

Solutions Available at Merope’s Dream

BioResonance Energy Test/Balance $210.00
Follow-up Sessions Per Hour $70.00
Allergy Testing & Desensitization $210.00
Voice Resonance Repatterning 1st session $135.00
Follow-up Sessions – 1.5 Hours $120.00
Electro-Crystal Scanning/Rebalancing/PIP $135.00
Rebalancing Only $120.00
PIP Session Only $140.00
Frequency Foot Bath (EB 305) $45.00
Ozone Steam Sauna $45.00
Chi Balance and FarInfra Red Treatment $40.00
Aura Energy Color Treatment (with treatments) Free
Flower Essence Balancing $45.00
Intuitive Health Consultations p/h $75.00
Therapeutic/Relaxation MASSAGE includes
HOT STONES and Aromatherapy (1.5 hour)
SPA Package with Massage and Hydrotherapy
Treatment (2 hours + )
Cranial-Sacral Therapy & Chakra
Ear Candling (includes candles) $120.00
Quantumwave Laser Treatment $70.00

Your treatment will usually consist of the use of Light-Life Energetic Technology, digitally mastered and specifically tuned frequencies, voice toning, aura light therapy, crystal therapy and High-Self prayer work. I will always include custom blended aromatherapy oils and all products are bio-dynamic, organic and holistic. In practice since 1988 my competence, my knowledge and my genuine caring for your well-being and health guarantees you will receive the best care and the best treatments! And that is a promise! Call today and make your