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Photo Gallery


These pictures were taken on September 19, 2009 at the Body Mind Spirit Expo in Calgary by Life   Please notice the geometric lines in both pictures. Especially above my head.  When I meditate I often see geometric shapes and colors and they are usually rotating and very much alive with vibration.   I believe that this is a indication of the ‘internal’ work that I am doing in my attempt to ascend to a higher consciousness.  The colors are also highly indicative of a balanced energy.  Each color has a story to tell – and I’m just grateful that I am showing all the colors of my aura.  The body picture shows that each of my primary chakras are open.  My crown chakra is well rounded and open, but I want this to be much larger and more vibrant when I do another aura picture next year.


Road Trip Report: I have been meaning to write about our amazing Road Trip to the Rothney Observatory in September. This was an amazing evening and had many surprises and tons of information. Myself, Anar Kassam and Lucille Belanger drove together in one car. As we were driving up to the Observatory the weather was clearing and the clouds were being blown out of the way. Our presenter told us that this was the first clear evening they had had in over a month and that they had not had a clear sky for night viewing in all that time. Tonight was the night and we were at the beginning of an eight-hour break before the next clouding over. The Observatory presenters were even more excited than we were!

As we approached the Observatory, the clouds were to the east of the Observatory, the sky above us and to the west was clear, and there were a few raindrops, hardly even a drizzle. It was a glorious evening!

Lucille has a unique ability to capture Orb pictures and other strange phenomena with her camera. Indeed she explained and displayed about a picture she had taken at the Calgary zoo. In quotations here is the explanation.

””“This is the Butterfly that I took a photo of in August 2010 at the Calgary Zoo. I had taken my 8-year-old nephew there. He loved the butterfly exhibit because he was wearing a yellow shirt so they were landing on him. At one point I noticed this large black butterfly land just in front of me on a lower leaf & just remain still. I zoomed in with my camera, which was difficult as it was constantly fogging up due to the high humidity in the butterfly room. All of a sudden I noticed there was a man on the back of this black butterfly. He was dressed in an elaborate headpiece and robe. The butterfly just stayed still for many minutes while I took its photo & stared at it in amazement. The photo is a little blurred since my lens was getting fogged up but the photo turned out OK. Notice that man appears to have white wings. Enjoy, Lucille Belanger “”””” With Lucille’s permission, I have attached the photo. Comments please !!!!!

Now back to the glorious evening … As we drove up the hill to the Observatory a beautiful rainbow appeared and was shining directly onto the top of the observatory. Have a look at the photos attached. Look closely – you will see some strange anomalies. Comments please !!!!

The whole evening was magical, our hosts were eagar to share much interesting information and their presentation was excellent which they delivered while we waiting for darkness to fall. Much to their credit, they allowed us to ask all of the unscientific questions we wanted. The explanations offered of nebulas, current and most up-to-date research and specific information that only an astronomer could know was fascinating. From the outside telescopes we had crystal clear and close up views of the moon, and many constellations. Seeing and hearing the explanations of how to track the stars was fascinating indeed. We were given an intimate tour of the two large telescopes and those who were brave enough and who were dressed warm enough were able to view Uranus, Jupiter and her three moons through the second largest telescope (size of a truck – no kidding) in Canada. What a thrill!