Friday, April 19th, 2024

WaveZone Folders

Immune: Supports and Strengthens the Immune System. Play folder for a few minutes only every day. . (Homeopathy Wave) Note: this folder may be repeated hourly if required.

Daytime: Detoxifying Program targets Germs, Parasites, Viruses & Fungus (repeat folder)Play once a day for ½ 1 hour for at least 1 month. *Note; stubborn conditions may take longer, 2-6-months
Nighttime: Evening Program / Boosts Body Parts (organs glands & tissues) Cleanses dental bacteria, promote deep sleep. Play ½ 1 hour before bed (Repeat Folder) *Note; Melatonin or Sleep file can be played on (Repeat One) as well

1. Melatonin; the hormone that promotes a good nights rest
2. Lactic Acid; help to remove built up lactic acid in the tissues
3. Detox Remedy; assists the organs cleansing process as we sleep

Sleep: Sleep 1 & 2 Wave (Folder Repeat) promotes deep sleep
Sleep 1: neurotransmitters wave Sleep 2; herbal remedies
Herbs: Herbal Remedies that promote General Well being and Prevention Program
Play a single file only as needed DO NOT use Folder Repeat!
1. Anti-Bacteria; targets bacteria in our system
2. Body Builder; promotes muscle growth during physical activity
3. Calming; relaxing and peaceful state
4. Cold & Flu; fights germs and supports the immune system
5. Digestion; play during meals for healthy digestion or upset stomachache
6. Graviola; targets unhealthy cells and tumours. Only use if illness is present
7. Hair; promotes hair growth
8. Immune; stimulates the immune system
9. Recovery; assists injury recovery, post surgery and inflammation
10. Stress Relief; aids mental and physical stresses
Relieves Pain, targets various body parts Play single file only
Helps relieve acute and chronic pain; select the body part (Repeat One)
Joints; excellent treatment for Arthritis and joint pain (Repeat Folder)
Play until you get relief and only when needed

Stop Smoking; play as needed on Repeat One
Alcoholism; play as needed on Repeat One

Assists Studies and Mental activities help reduces mental stresses and fatigue
1. C0 Q 10; oxygenates brain cells
2. B Complex nutrients; helps maintain healthy nerves & brain function
3. Ginkgo Biloba; improves memory & concentration enhancer
4. Stress Wave; reduces mental and physical stresses
5. Olive Essence; helps reduce mental exhaustion
6. Sweet Chestnut; aids anxiety and mental anguish
7. Aquamarine; aligns the etheric and mental bodies
8. Amethyst; calm the mind
Play wave as needed, excellent for office / studying environments.
Mood – Balances the emotions / uplifting (Repeat One)
Flower Essences and serotonin hormone therapy

Extreme Energy File; awesome for all sport and physical activities (Repeat One) Play as needed

Play wave as needed (Repeat One or Repeat Folder)
1. Red; circulation, vitality, courage, self-confidence, high energy
2. Orange; happiness, creativity and success (aids depression)
3. Yellow; clarity of thought, wisdom and positively
4. Green; balance, healing and grounding
5. Blue; calmness, self expression and truthfulness
6. Violet; spirituality, inspiration, meditation,
7. Turquoise; mental relaxation
1. Amethyst; calms the mind and body / meditative
2. Azurite; enhances psychic abilities / clear understanding
3. Lapis Lazuli; opens the 3 eye / higher mind
4. Moonstone; brings peace and harmony / new beginnings
5. Rutilated quartz; aligns all 7 chakras

Balances blood sugar levels, Suppresses appetite, Reduces cravings
Play 1 – 3 hours a day during meals & cravings (Repeat One or Repeat Folder)
1. Appetite Suppression; helps prevent over eating
2. Blood Sugar Regulation
3. Cellulite Reduction; enzymes to help break down fat, (before meals)
4. Digest; excellent frequency during meals to aid digestion (Repeat One)
5. Metabolism; helps balance the metabolic rate / creating available energy
6. Sated; satisfied and full
7. Serotonin; mood elevator

Relieves daily stress and anxiety, a powerful combination of herbal essences, gems stone and specific Stress Wave Reducers (Repeat Folder)

Fabulous beauty treatment for mature skin, / revitalizing and anti –aging. Play daily for ½ – 1 hour on (Folder Repeat) or (Repeat One) Drink lots of water!
1. Silica; supports the skin and hair’s elasticity
2. Collagen; retains fluids
3. Amino Acids; protein building blocks for cellular repair
4. Vitamins & Minerals; anti-oxidants and nutrients for healthy & beauty
5. Nettle; a blood purifier / hair & nail strengthener
6. Hair Wave; promotes healthy hair
7. Glucosamine; gives structure & resilience to hair & nails
8. Shea Butter; organic hydrating facial cream
9. HGH; human growth hormone – slows the aging process
10. Turquoise; rejuvenates connective tissues

Effective allergy relief remedy. Play as needed or until relief (Folder Repeat)
1. Quercetin / Vit C; powerful anti-oxidant / The Anti- Allergy Supplement!
2. Echinacea; fights inflammation excellent allergy
3. Burdock; blood purifier / helps clear allergy congestion
4. Dandelion; liver detoxifier & cleanser
5. Pantothenic Acid; anti oxidant to reduce allergic reactions

Immune Booster to help your body adjust to time zone stresses (Folder Repeat)
1. Amethyst for calming mind and body
2. Blue Topaz for vitality
3. Turquoise for balance and alignment
4. Rescue Remedy; great for relaxing the nerves
5. Stress Wave for calming
1. Arnica Montana; jetlag and airsickness remedy
2. Bellis Perennia; helps venous congestion
3. Chamomilla; elevate mental & emotional stresses
4. Club Moss; anxiety relief
5. Ipecacuanha; alleviates dehydration / nausea

Combination of hormone therapy, herbal remedies, color therapy and gemstones to enhance the male and female libido and sexuality. Play as needed on either (Folder Repeat or Repeat One)
Female Libido
1. Black Cumin; aphrodisiac
2. Female Balance; PMS relief
3. Gingko Complex assists low sex drive
4. Orange sex chakra stimulator
5. Ovaries healthy gland frequencies
6. Pineal / Pituitary enhances hormone production
7. Pregnenolone; precursor to DHEA/ female sex hormone/estrogen
8. Rose Quartz; heart opening, self love, peace
9. Rutilated Quartz; aligns all 7 chakras
10. Siberian Ginseng; female libido enhancer
11. Turquoise; gemstone that connects us to all
Male Libido:
1. Red Ginseng; boosts sexual vitality
2. Saw Palmetto; most popular herbal remedy for the prostate
3. Pregnenolone; precursor to DHEA /male sex hormones /testosterone
4. Testes; testicles frequencies
5. Green Tourmaline; balances male energies
6. Horny Goat Weed; aphrodisiac / helps maintain erection
7. Larch; boost self-confidence
8. Stress 1 & 2; anti-stress treatment
9. Red color therapy; increases vitality and circulation
10.Ruby Gemstone; passion / heart opening