Sunday, June 23rd, 2024

Other Treatments


These three treatments combined gives you energy, firming action of tissues, loosens tight muscles, improves circulation, and stimulates metabolism and overall relaxation. The bioelectric therapy activates your crystal body and may affect parasites, viruses and bacteria. This is especially effective if taken after the Ozone Sauna Treatment or after the Frequency Foot Bath.


This is and can be a revealing self-portrait of YOU on a Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, and Bio-Spiritual level. In a “High-Self” dialogue utilizing dowsing techniques, answers to many questions can be arrived at. Usually brings about dramatic changes and a new perspective on your life.

This is a long and self-rewarding dialogue. I have a set of approximately two hundred questions, which usually results in you asking many more questions. Self-knowledge is a very empowering frequency. If you have ever had any nagging questions that you always wondered about – this is a very effective method of finding out the answer.


This ear candling treatment relieves sinus congestion, restores some forms of hearing loss, clears fungus and yeast build-up, relieves pressure from ear infections and pressure from behind the eyes and decreases facial and lymphatic swelling. This two to three hour session always produces positive results.


Flower Essences are the manifestation of the Spirit in physical form. Each Flower Essence carries a unique vibration or frequency. This plant Spirit can be contacted and utilized through intuition. With knowledge of the Chinese Five Element System, muscle testing and specific Flower or Sea Essences, I can help bring you to a state of balance and harmony. The session is goal-oriented and usually an experience of self-discovery and self-healing. Your cost includes a take home bottle of essence. I use Pacific Flower Essences and you may find information on these essences by following the links from my Links page.


Your feet represent the body and encompass a wealth of information about one’s state of health. Your feet reveal where imbalances lie and play a vital role in the enhancement of general health and well-being. Throughout your treatment I use meridian therapy, magnets, flower essences and aromatherapy essential oils. I will also use a Color Treatment chosen specifically for your state of health.


The traditional treatment combined with color therapy, aromatherapy, energy work, harmonics and flower essences make this a most powerful and spiritually moving experience. The results are dramatic, immediately noticeable and you will experience a prolonged sense of deep relaxation. This treatment is especially effective for migraine headaches, jaw pain and tense neck.


Using the meridian and Chakra system of the body, specific colored light is used to create a balanced flow of energy. Each color of light is a different wavelength or frequency and sends a different vibration into your energy system. It is thought that when colored light meets the skin, it is translated into vibrational impulses at the molecular level which travels along the meridian system to the brain at the speed of light. These vibration patterns help clear and balance the entire energy system, which of course includes the meridians and the life energy fields around and within the body.