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I was first introduced to dowsing in October 1988.  It was a profound, instant and empowering experience to discover that there was a method to get answers from above, below and all around us.

I had always thought that our memories, the memories of everyone else and indeed the memories of everything on Earth had to be somewhere.  I just had no idea how to access that ‘library’ of knowledge.  Then, thank goodness, along came dowsing.

Since then I have made it one of my career paths to become as knowledgeable and proficient a ‘dowser’ ‘diviner’ ‘seeker’ as I possibly could become.  I’m still working at this and always will be.

I dowse for living and have become very good at what I do.  My real expertise is in accessing information about your energetic health. This is the gateway to understanding our body and how it functions.

My journey in learning about Dowsing is long and I think fascinating.

I am so privileged and so grateful to have been taught by some very excellent and proficient dowsers.  These include:

Slim Spurling, Walt Woods, Richard Coutts, Drunvalo Melchesidek, Harold McCoy, Elizabeth Weeden, Raymond Grace, Serge King, Casey Tanner.   And many more experts too numerous to name.  I have spent a fortune over the years getting to where these people were teaching, it was worth every dime!

I cover many of their teachings in my workshop on Dowsing.  Please call me to set up a Workshop on Learning the Basics of Dowsing.  These workshops are 4 – 5  hours long and very reasonably priced at $60.00.  I need a minimum of 4 people to proceed with a private workshop.

I am presently the Chairperson of the Calgary Dowsers and you may find more information about this group at this website. We meet monthly and this gives us a opportunity to meet fellow dowsers.

I use dowsing right from the moment you call me.  I am already reaching for my dowsing rod to determine if I can do an excellent job for you.  If it is a yes then I wait until the day of your appointment to dowse further.  I dowse if the treatment you are booked for is correct for you, the degree of success you will achieve that day, the color treatment you require, the type of add-on treatments you require.   When you come to see me it is all about ENERGY and getting, giving or receiving the optimum energy for you that day.  Questions might go like:  Is a crystal required?  Then which one?  Does the crystal need to be charged?  Do we need to do talk/question work?  How long should I spend on a particular topic?  Which essential oil is the perfect essential oil for you?  How long should I run the Laser on you?  Which program on the Laser would be perfect for you?   These are just a small sampling of the questing I am doing for you.  All with the goal of giving you the Best Treatment plan for that day.

To me dowsing is just a part of my day.  Dowsing is like a second mind, a second heart, a second sensing system.  I couldn’t do without dowsing.

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