Friday, April 19th, 2024

Workshops Available

Yes I will do workshops. There are many methods I am able to give information and presentations on. They are:

Basics of Dowsing.

Basics of Understanding the Chakras and the Human Aura.

Basics of Energy Work in General and Energy Work for Beginners.

Guided Nine Dimension Journeys/Meditations.

Flower Essences in General and how to find the correct essence for YOU.

Understanding the Light-Life™ Tools and Understanding Geopathic Stress and Clearing.

German New Medicine and understanding how knowing about GNM can affect your health in a very positive way.

Honest Talk Honest Talk Honest Talk about Health, Vaccines, unseen politics and how this affects YOU.

Basics on How to give an excellent Relaxation Massage.

Basics on How to give an excellent Hot Stone Massage.

How to do Ear Candling.

My rates are very reasonable and the only condition I set is that there must be at the very least 4 people per workshop. Each workshop varies in length of time and is dependent on the level of knowledge of the participants on each subject. If I have to travel, my travel times and costs will be added to the cost of the workshop.