Friday, April 19th, 2024

2013 Special Deal !!

July – August – September 2013

Special deal is a free CD with every massage or Bioresonance treatment  booked.  (value $20.00) And a special price of $130.00 for the Therapeutic Healing Massage.


You receive:

1. 10 minute session on the Whole Body Vibration machine

2. A minimum 1.5 hour full-body massage during which I will access many of the healing modalities I have trained for, such as Manual Lymphatic Drainage techniques, Cranial Sacral Therapy, Advanced Therapeutic Massage Techniques, Reflexology, Acupressure of Meridian Points, Hawaiian Massage Techniques.

3. I usually incorporate unique Basalt Hot Stones into the massage session

4. Heated aromatherapy massage oils, specifically blended to promote relaxation and ease muscle pain.

5. Application of Light Life Tools which enhance and encourage healing energy

6. Cold Wave Laser for specific muscle problems, to enhance quick relief and promote deep healing

7. Color Therapy Light frequencies specifically chosen for you and what you NEED that day.

8. Chakra balancing oils, blended in the Ayurvedic tradition and sometimes semi-precious Chakra Stone placement

9. Indian Head Massage and Acupressure on the Ears

10. Complete relaxation massage of the Facial muscles and gentle opening of the sinus passages

11. Zero Point Energy Wand throughout the massage to promote deep self-healing, energy balancing

12. Digitally mastered and specifically tuned frequencies

And if you wish to add on one of the following:

Ozone Steam Sauna or Frequency Foot Bath at the reduced rate of $35.00.

This is an excellent deal and would make an AWESOME gift!